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It’s Not too Late to register for 4K.  Please contact Jennifer Trudell at (920) 662-7941 or the District Office at (920) 662-7878 



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The children in the Howard & Suamico 4K Community Collaborative are engaged in highly interactive indoor and outdoor activities that encourage children to explore the world around them while learning important skills that will prepare them for Kindergarten. 

Why 4-K?

To improve academic success and close achievement gaps, research heavily documents the benefits of  an early learning program for children, the  community and society.  Empirical and anecdotal evidence clearly shows that nurturing  environments with appropriate learning activities have large and  lasting effects on children’s school success, their ability to get along with others, and their emotional health.


The Howard and Suamico 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Community Collaborative is:

  • an initiative that provides learning opportunities through play-based instruction for all four-year-old children in the Howard and Suamico communities;
  • taught by licensed Department of Public Instruction teachers;
  • offered to children who are four years old on or before September 1 of each year;
  • a community collaborative approach where the 4K school experience takes place at area preschool and daycare sites within both villages;
  • offered four days per week for half day sessions;
  • funded in combination with federal, state, and local tax monies. No fees are charged to participants;
  • transportation is available for  resident students to the partner site nearest your home.

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Open Enrollment Information

The Howard-Suamico School District is committed to ensuring that every graduate is prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  With innovative programs, outstanding staff and a commitment to rigor and excellence, the district fulfills its mission of Serving, Learning, Achieving - Together.

In addition to serving families that live in the Howard and Suamico communities, the district also takes in students though the Wisconsin Open Enrollment program.  Administered by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), open enrollment allows parents to send their children to another Wisconsin district at no charge.

  • To learn more about the Open Enrollment program and to download the necessary forms, visit the DPI’s open enrollment webpage. (Link to: http://dpi.wi.gov/sms/psctoc.html)
  • To learn more about the Howard-Suamico School District or to schedule a visit, please contact Assistant to the Superintendent, Sharon Rentmeester, at 920-662-7709.
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The Shepherd's Kids Preschool (currently Good Shepherd Preschool) will be relocating to 986 Lakeview Drive, in Howard beginning August 1, 2014.  This program is 35 years strong and the materials, equipment, curriculum, staff and same commitment to excellence will all remain constant.  The only change is the new location which is 1.83 miles (4 minutes) from the current address at 2736 Glendale Ave.  The phone number will remain the same (920) 434-4899.  Please continue to utilize Good Shepherd's current Facebook page and website (www.goodshepherdps.org) through the end of this 2013-14 school year for updates and information. This 4K partner site will be available on the registration online application and forms. If you have questions please contact Jennifer Trudell or Elaina Kamine at 434-4899.


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AM Class-- 8:15 am-11:20 am or
PM Class - 12:05 pm - 3:10 pm

Today: 12/19/14